Create Converter functionality via an Action

I'm sure that there is a solution out there but after much effort and experimentation, I have given up trying to search/read this forum looking for what I need.

Here is what I now do: I have a whole bunch of Actions to format the FILENAME to look like this: %artist% - %title%.mp3 Those Actions also BLANK out the TITLE and ARTIST fields. Finally, I use the CONVERT Filename - Tag to create the TITLE and ARTIST fields from the FILENAME.

Question: Is there an ACTION that I can create that does the same as the CONVERT Filename - Tag to generate the TITLE and ARTIST fields from the FILENAME?

Action type "Guess values" with source format %_filename%

Ok, I tried your suggestion but can't make it work!

How do I individually copy the TWO fields in the FILENAME (Artist - Title) each to the corresponding TITLE and ARTIST columns?

Dano, forget it I seem to have found a way.

I was unaware that the Guessing Pattern could have more than one argument until I tried it and it worked.

Thanks for your help in pointing me in the right direction.