Create folder structures from tags

No sorting/creating subfolders.
This works in Windows, but not on mac os. This would put songs into folders with subfolders.
So genre folder, with albumartist folder inside the genre folder, etc..

Tag - Filename



:cry: :sob:

The long way:

Create action - Format tag field - Field is _FILENAME - Format is %genre%%title%
Copy & Paste to new folder with genre name.
Do the same for all fields, substituting Format is with next field, keeping %title% on end
Copy & Paste to new folder with field name (be it albumartist, album, etc.)

On mac, this is not my mp3tag. Feel like a winer now lol
:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Did you have a look at the Mac documentation about how to create folder structures from tags?
I doubt it.

Love that lol

No I haven’t, but will take a look. I’m gonna have to let go of how mp3tag works in Windows.

Definitely time to unlearn mp3tag for Windows. Simple backslash to forwardslash, and all is right!!!!

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!

Yes, the forward slash is the standard folder separator on macOS (it's not only specific to Mp3tag).

Should there perhaps be a function similar to $meta_sep(x,sep), which concatenates its parameters with either \ on Windows or / on OS X?
$path(%albumartistsort%,%year% - %albumsort%) β‡’ ./Various/2025 - Best of/

By the way, I wish there was a third optional parameter in $meta_sep() to specify the separator between the second-to-last and the last item, e.g. $meta_sep(%artist%,', ', & ).

Never used $meta_sep(x,sep), so IDK.

Maybe ohrenkino or Florian can elaborate on this. I try to keep it simple as I can.

I think that fully qualified filenames vary in so many aspects in Windows and MacOS that a function just to replace the slash would be over the top.
I think one can expect the users of the respective OS to know the standards for such properties.

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