Create individual folders by GENRE tags

Hello everyone,

I would really appreciate it if anyone could let me know how to create individual folders by GENRE tag which has multiple styles separated by comma:Uplifting, Powerful, Metal, Heavy etc.

So I would like to have one individual track to be put inside of each of these folders (Uplifting, Powerful, Metal, Heavy).

Thanks in advance!

If I understand you correctly then you want to create several copies out of one source file, one for each word in a comma-separated list.
AFAIK MP3tag does not create copies of files with any of the automated functions. You would have to copy the files yourself.

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I would like to dissuade you from doing that

I used to do a similar thing: I was coping the same track to each of the featured artist or a remixer of a given track. With time, I ended up running constantly into discrepancies among these multiplied files. When I finally switch to a system of one inconstancy of a file [and relied exclusively on Mp3tag], my workflow was more unfriendly and I stopped wasting time on futile repetitive tasks

Maybe what you @Nuviman should do is this: load all of your files, filter them by genre and then create a playlist named accordingly

And if a need arises to actually copy a given genre of files, then you can just:
1] make a copy of all of them
2] reverse the filtering- deleted all that are not of the [for example] Uplifting genre
3] delete empty folders

This way in the long rung you save time and you save space

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Thanks a lot! I'll try this.