Create Multiple Directories

Hi I recently bought a new car with USB support. Put 1800 songs on a USB oly to learn that the max amount is 255 per folder. I would like to create a folder for each artist.
My Mp3s have tags for Artist, Album Artist, Album, Year, Genre, Title & Track

I tried
Format Value >
Field : _Directory
Format Sting : %artist%
But the result was 1 folder with multiple sub folders with artist names

Example of the result
Eminem\Daft Punk\Shaggy\More Artist\The Mp3 tracks all here

Thank you for any help you can give me

To create several folders from a few ones, use the function
Convert>Tag-Filename with a mask like
The backslash-part creates the subdirectories

The same can be achieved with an action of the type
Format value
Format string stays the same.

Thank you worked like a charm