Create new Action?

Following up on the discussion of how to avoid problems with certain files whose tags Logitech Media Server has trouble reading, I have found that if I Cut all the tags and then Paste them back in, LMS no longer has problems with the file.

Is there a way I can automate the process? That is, create an Action that can Cut and then Paste all the tags in the files in a given directory?

Thanks for any help

The whole tag should be rewritten if you change just a tiny bit.
So you could easily load all files into mp3tag,
Create a user-defined field, e.g. MY_FIELD with an action of the type "Format value" for MY_FIELD and just a single character in it, e.g. "1"
And then a second action that removes the field MY_FIELD again "Remove field" with MY_FIELD as field name.
You can let this run on all your files, as it should not do any harm.

You could limit the conversion to files that really need it with a filter.
Check which kind of tag encoding the media server wants (ISO seems really old, but so be it) and then filter for all those that do not have that encoding:
NOT %_id3v2_character_encoding% HAS Iso

Run the actions on these files.

It must be distinguished:

  • changes in the tag structure of the file;
  • changes in the content of a specific tag-type.

What you have done in your exercise before, this was ...

  • cut out the entire tag structure into Mp3tag Clipboard
  • create the tag-type ID3v2.3
  • in the course of this, reload the data into tag-type ID3v2.3
  • in the course of this, change the encoding of the data to ISO-8859-1
    ... as specified in Mp3tag options.

"Physical changes" regarding entire tag-types, which are set and can be modified in the options area, can not be automated in the user area.

Attention relevant activities, like cutting and pasting of entire tag structure, must be made under full control of the user, in this way implemented in Mp3tag.

Once the basic tag-type structure has been defined in the options area, ...
which tag-types should be written, ...
which tag-types should be read, ...
which tag-types are allowed to be removed, ...
all other user related activities, regarding the content of tag-fields, ...
can be done manually in the Mp3tag user interface ...
or can be automated by actions.

Regarding your problem with Logitech Media Server you have to verify where the problem lies.
You have to make sure, which tag-type can be read by the media server ...
ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, APEv2, VORBIS COMMENT and so on.
You have to make sure, which data encoding can be read by the media server ...
ISO-8859-1, UTF-16, UTF-8 for the enabled specific tag-type.
You have to make sure, which data encoding is compatible among your computer systems ...
ISO-8859-1 (oldish car audio systems), UTF-16 (Windows), UTF-8.

If you need to re-write the tags within the media files, ...
based on the current setup in the options area, ...
then select the media files, and press [Ctrl+S].