Create New Action

I want to see if MP3Tag can solve a problem I have.

I have 1000's of live concert recordings in FLAC that do not have the Album tag. To be able to sort them properly using Dropbox and CloudPlayer I need to add an Album tag. My existing tags are Artist Name, Date, Track Number,

I would love to swap into Album Title in bulk fashion, if possible.

When I go and create a new action when I click the star icon and call it Format Value a Actions dialog box opens up but it has no pull down menus, nor can I type anything like value strings into it.

What am I doing wrong? I cannot even create a simple action.

To create an action you have to select at least one file.
(and of course there are the FAQs: /t/967/1

Yep. If I didn't I never would have been able to click on the star icon and get the Actions dialog box to open. In fact, if you do not have any files selected at all the Action selection from the top menu bar is greyed out and you cannot even select it.

I figured it out for one folder so far.

I just selected Convert | Tag-Tag

Field: ALBUM
Format String: %VENUE%

I tried this because %date% - %VENUE% did not. I am goofing around with this using Teamviewer on my phone. I will take a stronger whack at it this weekend but I am guessing that re-tagging these is going to break all of my torrent files.


The Format String is not %Date% - %VENUE% but %Year% - %VENUE%. Baby steps...