Create playlist based on Modified value

Hi - can anyone advise me on this please - I want to create a playlist of albums in descending Modified order, ie latest album would appear at the top of the list.

I have a directory of flac and m4a albums, stored as artist/album for use with a Sonos. Sonos does not contain a 'Last Added' feature like iTunes, so I was hoping Mp3tag would help solve this.

It would be great if the playlist would display artist/album in descending order of date added, rather than the individual tracks.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help!


You can sort by modified date in Mp3tag by adding a column in the file view for date/time modified, but I'm not sure it will work exactly as you want.

Right-click in the column header and select 'Customize columns...'. Add a new column with Value set to %_file_mod_datetime_raw%. Leave Field and Sort By empty, but check Numeric. Click the column header to sort into ascending/descending order.

One potential problem with this is that Mp3tag is sorting individual files, not albums. When the modified timestamps within an album are the same, Mp3tag appears to sort them into datetime/track order, which is undoubtedly what you want. But if all files within an album don't have the same timestamps, you'll see tracks out of order or even grouped with other albums.

Just an amendment:
If you sort first by modification date and then by album the order should be that you get the files sorted by album with the file with the latest modifcation date as first entry.

The general problem is that Mp3tag does not know anything about albums as it only looks at each file individually.
So it might be better to use the Explorer search function to find folder with a ceratin range of modification dates and then drag the search result into the player... MP3tag will not keep the sequence as it will sort by the preset sorting criterion.

Mp3tag works with files but not with albums.
Mp3tag can edit data in the files, but is not a database application.
It helps to understand the files with their embedded tag data as a distributed database.

As long as you have not set up a tag-field in the files containing the album registration date (date of the last storage), Mp3tag can not guess it.

The system variables ...
%_file_mod_date% ... file modification date
%_file_mod_datetime% ... file modification date with time
%_file_mod_datetime_raw% ... file modification date with time (Unix time)
... have limited use, because their values may vary depending on the last write access to the file.

If a tag-field exists, for example DATE_ALBUM_STORED, then you can sort the file list by the content from this tag-field, which should be a sortable Year-Month-Day value of the format "YYYY-MM-DD".

Create a column in the list view ...
Name: Date of Album stored
Sort by: $if2(%DATE_ALBUM_STORED%,'0000-00-00')%ALBUM%
Numeric: No

... maybe ...
Sort by: $if2(%DATE_ALBUM_STORED%,'0000-00-00')%ALBUM%[$char(1)$sub($num(%TOTALTRACKS%,1),$num(%TRACK%,1))]


Thanks very much for the suggestions here, from all contributors - I will give them all a try.