Create Playlists using the context menu.

I'm a semi new user to mp3 tag. I used a tool that was absolutely awesome called Mp3 info ext. The author is done with it, perhaps you guys are interested, here's the link
I'm trying to get myself off of using it for that fact, author is missing in action and therefore no Vista release. I found Mp3tag a few months ago and fell in love instantly.

Anyway I'm here to basically beg for added functionality to your program. Basically I think it would be pretty awesome idea to create a context menu selection for mp3tag so that the user can simply right click a directory with mp3s in it and create a playlist (or html/text/mp3 list file) of the contents of the files in the directory. Currently this is implemented within the program itself, but it's difficult for someone with LOTS of mp3s to open the program for each directory, hit the 'all files playlist' selection in the program and then have to name the list in the text box. I think it would be a simple enough task for you kickass programmers to throw up a context menu item which does this (similar to how right clicking the context menu and hitting mp3tag automatically opens the program to browse to that folder). This menu item would 1. read the directory 2. create a playlist within the directory 3. name the playlist after the directory it is in.

Is this possible? Hope so! Looking forward to new releases of this program. Good stuff.

Second request based on mp3info ext. Give it a try and look at the functionality of the program, if those functions were implemented through mp3tag you'd have THE ultimate mp3 organization tool, you're already very close! The functions that I miss the most of that program:

  1. The iconhandler replaces mp3 icons with pictures of their bitrates, super handy. It's also theme based so people can submit different 'themes', which is very cool.
  2. The program adds a tab within the mp3 properties menu which allows the user to do a variety of things with the mp3. I think he calls it the Propertypage, basically, much of the functions of an average tagger. It can read the filename and automatically input tags and vice versa, it can rename the mp3 based on the tag. Functions similar to mp3tag but done from the mp3 file(s). Furthermore it can read an entire folder or a selection of mp3s, that makes it really versatile. For instance, say you have a folder with 12 files and you only need to take action with 6, select the 6 of them and make your changes and voila, done. Again, very similar to what is done WITHIN the mp3tag program, but done simply within the files. The best thing to do would be to check it out, maybe you can pick it up from the author as mentioned before, I believe he's said he's done with the project.

That's about it. Hope you find these ideas useful.

For the playlists go to options>playlist and add this as playlist filename: %_folderpath%00 - %album%.m3u
After that you can open a folder full of mp3 folders, press Shift Ctrl P and every folder should get a playlist. Workes for me up to about 3,000 mp3s.

Your 1. is a very special request for a audio file tagging tool, so dont have too high hopes that will be possible any time soon.
The stuff listed under 2. can all be done within Mp3tag (as you said). I don't think that's bound to be changed either. I mean how long does starting up MP3tag take you? More than one second?


Thanks for getting back to me. And thanks for the script, I will try it in a bit and see how well it works. As for the rest, well they're just ideas thrown out there. That little program is very good, try it out and let me know. And as the author is done with it I'd LOVE to see the project continued and it'd be cool if the devs here were the ones to do it. Mp3tag is so clean and solid, to get added features such as working with the files and directories without opening the program can only make it better. Opening the program doesn't take very long at all working with the files themselves is just so easy. There's a 'directness' to it that can't be beaten. But as I said, I'm new to mp3 tag, only a few months so maybe I just need to get used to opening and closing/minimizing the program. I love it anyway! So in the end it won't really matter....just hoped the devs would take a look and think about it.


Here's a program that does what you want (I think): Mp3ListShellEx