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I want to create a shortcut to launch this program. Where is the program file?

I would look in the folder where you installed it.
As you do not tell us which mode you selected when installing, I cannot even point you to a default folder
If the general windows settings apply, go to a folder that can be found with these variables:

Thank you so much for your quick response. If I had done the installation, I would know where it is. Here's my trail of breadcrumbs:

I searched for a tag editor. Google brought up your site. The screen said, "Mp3Tag, Florian Heidenreich, Free, Get." I clicked "Get."

I used the software for one session and thought it was pretty good. I came back the next day and wanted to install the shortcut into my Audio Group. But I couldn't find it. I looked in the 2 folders you mentioned but didn't see it. I tried a couple of searches, including a date search, but Windows 10 is lousy at searching and I found nothing. I checked the desktop and the start bar, but there were no new shortcuts. I followed my own personal User file upward through Roaming, Local, App Data all the way to the C:/drive and didn't find it there. I looked all through your FAQ and didn't find any reference to this.

I followed the same Google trail the next day and this time, when I clicked "Get" it said, "This product is already installed. Launch." I was able to restart it from that "Launch" button. From the comment that the "product is already installed," I was able to gather that it was installed on the hard drive and not just working off of the web.

Can you please tell me the name of your executable file and the name of the folder that it may have installed under? This would help me find the *.exe file so that I can create my own shortcut.

Thank you for your help. And thank you for your nice product. I look forward to getting to know it better and seeing what else it can do.

BTW, I still have to use a file name editor to correct a batch of file names--say for an audiobook. Is that a feature hidden somewhere in your program?


See this page for the original installation package:
Install that package and you will see a step to select the path - a default one or the one where you installed the program previously.

What happened to the use of the system variables


Also, I think that during the (proper) installation you are asked whether you want to create a desktop shortcut.

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Thank you so much! I have no idea about the answer to your question. Windows 10 is like a wildcat-- out of my control. The "easier" they make it to use, the less possible it is for real users to use it.

Thank you again. I'm very happy to have your program!

From your description, you've most likely installed Mp3tag from the Microsoft Store. To create a shortcut, you can use Search from the task bar :mag_right: and type "Mp3tag".

From there, you can choose "Pin to Start" and "Pin to taskbar" to create shortcuts in the Windows Start menu and the Windows taskbar.

If you want to have a shortcut on the Desktop, you can locate the pinned entry for Mp3tag in the Start menu and copy it to the Desktop via drag'n'drop with the mouse.

Actually, I found the file location, but it remains a mystery. The file location is:

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\35795FlorianHeidenreich. Mp3tag_2.99.1.0_x86__rf0p6xgxmspcc

This file, "WindowApps," is a hidden folder and I can't even explore it because I do not have "permission to access this file." But it doesn't even look like an .exe file. If I had to guess, this looks like a link of some sort.

May I advise anyone with my problem to install from your download link at:

[Mp3tag - Download
Florian Heidenreich
Mp3tag - Download]

And watch out for all the ads for NCH software downloads. These are not the right program! Look only for this link with the name Florian Heidenreich:


Once I downloaded this file, your installation program suggested this path for installation: program files x86/mp3tag, which is just where I expected to find it. It also allowed me to choose a custom folder if I desired. It asked if I wanted shortcuts created in the start bar, a folder or the desktop. This was the complete solution to my problem and I am sure I will get good use from this program. And I will be wary of any other program that wants to install through the Microsoft Store.

I hope everyone will offer a gift of gratitude for this powerful tool. Thank you again.


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