Create Shortcuts for Selected Items

I can right-click on items and copy them, then create shortcuts in Windows XP. It would be nice to right-click and create shortcuts in one operation.

I can do this in Windows with c:\Program Files\Shortcut.exe /F:%1.lnk /A:C /T:%1*.mp3
Perhaps I can use a variation of Shortcut.exe as an Mp3tag tool?

I'm just not that good at defining the variables within the Tool parameter to make this work.



BTW. I have a very large mp3 collection, and I keep track of the subset of mp3's currently loaded in my Ipod by using shortcuts. Hence the value of being able to conveniently create shortcuts.

Which value do you put into the parameter %1 ...
Filename, Filepath, Foldername, Folderpath?


For "Path", navigate to, and select Shortcut.exe.

For "Parameter" try:

/F:"%_folderpath%%artist% - %title%.lnk"  /A:C /T:"%_path%"

This will create the shortcut in the containing folder of each file.

You can adjust the /F argument to suit your needs.
For example:

/F:"C:\Users\myname\Desktop\\%artist% - %title%.lnk"

places the shortcut on my desktop.

Your suggestion worked great ryerman ... Thanks a bunch.