Create Title from Filename

How to use a convert function to write the filename as part of the title tag. I've tried the "Filename - Tag" converter with no luck at all. Everything just seem to change the filename instead of the other way around. "Tag - Filename" seems to do the same thing????

I want to create title tags that look like "%Album%, %filename" where %Album% is the
actual Album name (that is the same for all the files) and %filename% is the actual filename of each individual file.


This does not make any sense to me but I think you know what suits you best.

Take the Coverter Tag - Tag or the equivalent Format Value in Actions.

Converter Tag - Tag:
Field: TITLE
Format String: %album%, %_filename%

Action Format Value:
Field: TITLE
Format String: %album%, %_filename%

%filename% does not appear to be an option. Tried it. However. %album%, %track% works form me (reasons below). I used the Auto Track numbering for all the files from multiple CDs so all the files of the book have a unique track number (verses each CD with a reset track number)

Just so you will know the sense of it - I am applying to mp3 audiobook files that I have ripped from CD. The Filename contains the Cd# and Track# of each file. VLC displays the title. To know where I am in the book, I'd like to see this info. VlC will display the filename if not title is given but I'd rather have this field filled for use in other players too.

The correct name is, as poster wrote, "%_filename%, not "%filename%"

Oops, thanks for the correction!

I made this work for the same reason for my purposes by editing Convert/Tag - Tag.
I used the format string - %_filename%.
It works well. But is there a way I can make that a new choice of the Convert menu or edit the existing to be called Title - Filename for my purposes?

see the help on a list of supported tag field names:

The function Convert > Tag-Tag requires 2 parameters: the field and the format string.
In your description I am missing the field name.
A format string could be: %title% - %_filename%