I tried to create a Web Source for LyricsWiki. This site provide the language of a song. At example:

Beside the Lyrics I get a string like this:
|language = English-German-Spanish

I want to get a multivalue that contains eng, deu and spa. But I ran into several problems:

  1. When I start the script in MP3Tag, is it possible to prevent the input prompt? I want that the script just loops through all my selected songs without user interaction.
  2. Can I override the execution of [ParserScriptIndex], because I'm already at song level?
  3. Can I also prevent the summary window to be shown? The script should just write the language tag without asking me (I want to process many files at once, let's say about 1000).
  4. If this is working, the next step would be to get also the lyrics or the You-Tube link to save in the WOAS frame.

Thanks in advance!