Created original MP3s, want to associate different album art with each-but challenges remain

Hello, and thank you!

I am producing mp3 from webinars, where I record the audio track and produce individual mp3s for each training session.

Each mp3 should have a different piece of album art associated with it.
If I have four mp3s, I use four different pieces of art- per the request of the presenter of the webinar.)

Use of this wonderful product (thanks!) has made this an easy process to produce such mp3s :slight_smile:
I take care to individually handle each mp3, coupling it to a given piece of art, step by step.
I am not inadvertently doing a batch process at this step.
When I then view the tagged MP3s in my directory, I see that each mp3 has its correct album art image - terrific!

However, I have noticed that the album art gets lost when I load the mp3s to a cloud service (Sharefile) or download the files to my phone (LG Android phone).

As such- the album art for (seemingly) the first MP3 loaded is populated across the other three mp3s. So- on download- I have four mp3s, all with the same album art (whereas they all had their own individual album art on original production). I'm losing the album art for 3 of the 4 mp3s, and the single piece of album art is being populated across all four MP3s.

What am I doing wrong?

I SO appreciate any kind considerations and insights!

Always the best to you!

Would be happy to load 'before and after' files if needed- thanks!

I don't think you are doing anything wrong.
The problem is Android, or the mediaplayer app you are using.
I experience a similar bahaviour with podcast I load on my Android phone with PlayerPro as mediaplayer app. The podcast episodes have individual cover artwork, but the same album name in the ALBUM tag field. That seems to result in one artwork for all episodes (at least in the preview menu where I scroll through the files, if I play one, the original artwork is shown). If I change the ALBUM tag field for each episode, individual cover artwork is shown.