Creating a Drop Down Menu

How can I Create a Drop down menu for fields i often use.

I've created two fields:

Media Format: Vinyl, CD, DVD, Cassette, Mp3

Media Sub Type: Itunes, Original Media, etc

Currently, I have to type this info. How can I create a drop down menu to chose. Si,ilar to Genre.


There is no chance in the current version of Mp3tag.

I have made a proposal to workaround ...
Genre - Standard (Vorgaben) ändern

In your case ...
... use an action to fill the tag field "MEDIA FORMAT" with the list of options ...



... and display this list in an edit field in the tag panel.
When editing this field remove the leading character # from the option to be selected,
save the file,
then run an action to remove the other options having the leading character #.


If the pick list has not so much items, then you can also use pre-set actions.
For example ...

Format_Media_Format.mta.rar (1.68 KB)

Format_Media_Format.mta.rar (1.68 KB)

Create actions setting the various field values, then select to one (or more) to apply to the selected files.