Creating a listing of my CD's

I have my CD's ripped into mp3's and arranged in subdirectories (Windows XP) as

Genre - Artist - CD - Tracks

For example, one Track is

I:\My Music CDs\Hindustani Classical Vocal\Bhimsen Joshi\First LP Record\01 - Bhimsen Joshi - Miya Malhar - Ektaal.mp3

Genre = Hindustani Classical Vocal
Artist Name = Bhimsen Joshi
Album/CD title = First LP Record
Track title = 01 - Bhimsen Joshi - Miya Malhar - Ektaal.mp3

I normally have mp3tag display the listing (in the right pane) sorted by the "Album" column.

I'd like to create a listing of my CD's sorted in this order. I could keep this list on my PDA in case I wanted to remember which CD's I already have when shopping for music (or showing off to my friends :slight_smile: )

Question 1: Can I have the listing in the right pane of mp3tag be sorted in that order (Genre - Artist - Album - Tracks) ? How? Currently View->Sort by seems to sort only by one column. How do I select the secondary fields to sort by?

Question 2: Can I export a listing sorted by "Genre - Artist - CD - Tracks" or "Genre - Artist - CD" ?
The first list will have all my mp3 files in it.. the second list will have all my CD's in it, sorted in a meaningful way.