Creating folders from tags.

I'm trying to create a folder structure giving me %artist%\%album%\%track% - %title% It works as long as I only do one album but when I do multiple albums it only uses the artist and album info from the first album for all the data and puts them all in that album. I'm not sure why it isn't getting the info from each track, as it is getting the track info but not the artist, album and instead using the first album's artist and album. I've tried it as an action _directory and from the Tag to Filename icon. Any help would be appreciated.

Actually it is working from the Tag to Filename. The directory window in mp3tag was fooling me. I must not be using the Format value _directory correctly because that doesn't work except for one album at a time. Is there any way to make mp3tag move other non music files with the music files on a folder rename? Dbpoweramp has the same problem except it will move folder and cover.jpg files but not any others.