Creating metadata tagging for self-publishing songwriters

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Thank You for creating MP3Tag, and the following tutorial. It has been a helpful and fun experience learning to use the software. Do you have more tutorials available?

I have a few questions about how to best use mp3TAG to apply metadata tagging for professional uses.

I am a writer and self-publisher of original digital content. I collaborate with professional musicians, producers, animators, and videographers, creating original songs and videos.

I am responsible for overseeing the collection and payment of these artists for their contributions to our work.

I’d appreciate any advice on metadata tagging information self-publishing songwriters, publishers, and record labels should and need to provide when distributing digital content worldwide.

How would you structure the metadata tags for IP identification, data tracking, copyright protection, and any other related and useful information necessary for contact and royalty payments?

What essential metadata do you suggest we independent artists provide when releasing our mp3, mp4 & wav music and video files for public use on YouTube, Spotify, DSPs, music organizations, etcetera?

Do you have suggestions, recommendations, or insights on releasing copyrighted original content over the internet in different countries and regions required to provide payments to PRO’s and publishers?

Thank You / “vOz” :blush:
Songshine Entertainment

Here is the list of supported fields, I hope you find some of them suitable for your purpose.

And also I hope that you donated if you use MP3tag for money-earning purposes.

Most of the other questions I cannot answer as any profound information will rely on the target application. So it is better to ask

From my point of view, as a consumer of digital media, I find it more attractive to find has much information in the metadata as possible.

I would like to note that you can not "protect" your metadata from beeing changed or deleted.
Metadata is just additional text* information structured in various standard tags like ARTIST, TITLE, ALBUM, YEAR, PUBLISHER and so on (* and maybe pictures for the cover or artists).

Every decent tagging software is able to completely delete or partially change this data.

If you want to provide such data to help your customers with useful data, I would suggest to use as many standard tags as possible. As soon as you start using custom tags like "Songshine_Privacy_Statements" you run in the problem that most player software can't read and show it.

As much as you can (including Lyrics :innocent: :wink:)
As I wrote above: Deleting unwanted informations is easy. But searching the correct information for a specific release - especially for independent artists - is very time consuming and sometimes nearly impossible due to the lack of online sources.

And if you want to help your customers to get the correct informations, I would suggest to add them also to well known online metadata sources like Discogs and MusicBrainz.

Thank You ohrenkino for your reply.

Yes, indeed, I have donated to this worthy project.

We are "independent musicians" who diligently work to bring creativity, beauty, and understanding to this digitally connected world.

As musicians and creators, we are primarily concerned with the “music and messages” we create and share. And, if there are opportunities to earn income, we, like others, need support for our families and projects too.

In this new age of digital communication and connectivity, consumers can access much information for little, if any, cost. Digital platform providers bring these creators’ content to the public and are the foundations of this industry, whose primary function is entertainment, education, and many other uses.

Metadata is how responsible parties who use copyrighted digital content are required by their countries’ laws to compensate for copyright usage and find the artists to pay them.

Florien has created a digital tool that supports many uses for his “Metadata Tagging Tool” and graciously has shared it with countless many to improve their lives as well as their listening experience.

Thank You, Florien & ohrenkino

Peace / vOz :blush: