Creating Multiple Actions and saving to configuration

Have created a number of Actions to move and format files to different mapped drives on my server, e.g
CD singles to J:\Singles
Single artists to K:\Artists
Compilations to L:\Compilations.
I would like to add and save more Actions to my list, but every time i create a new action or clone one and rename it, it doesn't save to the drop down menu. (I also can't seem to delete the ones i don't use like CDR)
So, are the total number of drop down actions limited to 12 that i have? Or is it a permission thing in win7. If so how do I run MP3tag with administrator privileges so i can save more Action scripts?

Okay! worked it out, run with administrator privileges, AND then open a folder with files to be tagged. Create new Action, save and close. Now when you right click on folder and run as normal the new action is there. Had missed the open folder with files bit before so the icon was greyed out. Big thanks to Florian for creating this software masterpiece.