creating multivalue fields

OK, my artist field is now like this: "artist1, artist2"
and I want to create multivalue fields by replacing the ", " with "\\"'

When I do this manually in the artist field everythings works fine and in the extended tags I see two artist fields.

But when I use the replace action to do this, the result looks the same, but in the extended tags there is 1 artist field showing "artist1\\artist2"

Why don't I get a multivalue field using the replace action?

Some further experimenting:

When I press save with a single file file selected, the "artist1\\artist2" field becomes true multivalue,
but when I press save with multiple files selected, the field stays the same.

Use the "Split field by separator" action to create multi value tags.
Just enter , as separator.

OK thanks, as usual I've been trying to do things the hard way when there is an easy solution on hand. :rolleyes:
Meanwhile I also found that doing 'format value' with a $replace(%artist%,', ',\\) also results in true multivalue fields.

And just for peace of mind, is there an explanation for the things I noticed?

  • the difference between the replace action and the $replace function or manual replace
  • the difference between a save with one track selected and multiple tracks selected