creating playlist for importing into mp3tag


Some months ago I asked for some help from the forum in creating playlists from my music directory using mp3tag.

The basic approach you guys came up with was to use a simple batch command file to search for directories with a tag like [NEW] as part of the directory name, and output the directory list to a file which can be dragged into mp3tag to generate the tracklist and hence the playlist.

It has worked like a dream, until now...

First time in a couple of weeks, I ran the batch command file, and got a few hundred lines back rather than 1000.

The batch command, as an example, is:

DIR /S /AD /B \\NAS\dir*[NEW]* >output.txt

Does anyone know of any batch command problem I might have run into, or anything I can do to highlight the problem?

I have to investigate the NAS itself as the source of the problem. It's an ASUSTOR AS-304T which just presents itself via samba.

Just to confirm that this is not an mp3tag problem!

I do not know of any batch command problems.
It is not quite clear if the generated batch file is shorter than expected or the list you see in MP3tag is not quite up to standard.
E.g. if you have accidentally applied a filter in Mp3tag, you may see fewer files than expected.

Then check a file about which you know it should be included in the list but isn't.
What could be the reason why if wasn't included in the list? In which respect doesn't the search criteria do not match this file?
After you found the reason, either adapt the batch file or find the tool which caused different names from what you expected.
I am not sure if ownership would apply also to a NAS ... it could be that you see only files which have a certain owner.

The batch command was not returning the predicted number of directories to the output text file.

I decided that the NAS was probably the culprit - "the lights were on but all was not well" - so I decided to reboot it.

Now the batch command returns the correct number of lines.

It just never occurred to me that all that NAS sophistication and poise could just be a front. I have an idea which is that every computer has another computer attached to it that just checks that it is working...

Thanks as ever for your help.