Creating playlists

When you want to create a playlist with mp3 files from different directories, you can't add them one by one as you would do with windows media player because Mp3tag change the "current folder" everytime. (when you add a 2nd files, the window refresh and you get only the 2nd file).

So it seems that I have the copy every mp3 files of my playlist in a folder, then opening this folder in Mp3tag, everytime I want to create a playlist to put in my mp3 player, which is annoying...

Can you tell me if I'm right, or if there's another way to do it with Mp3tag?

Thanks a lot

Just use the »Windows standard way«: Use Drag & Drop holding the CTRL-key … :sunglasses:

And if you use Mp3tag’s shell integration feature, you can later just right-click the new playlist file in Windows Explorer and select »Mp3tag« to re-open it and have all its files in Mp3tag.