Creating Tags Manually

With the help of your s/ware, I have cleaned up tags on my 3000+ Mp3s...

I have just one unresolved album problem - maybe you can help?

The album in question is Best Of Bowie with 39 tracks (and 74 versions according to Discogs). I assume I have a UK version - I no longer have the 2 CD set.

I have tried listening to the first 10 tracks and correcting and saving them, but they are do not stay amended!

Is there any way I can manually correct the wrongly titled tracks so they stay changed?

Changes (how appropriate for David Bowie :wink: ) in the files list are saved immediately in the files.
Changes in the tag panel have to be saved explicitly either with Ctrl-S or the "Save" function in the toolbar.
Otherwise: it should not be a problem to modify tags with MP3tag.