Creative MediaSource 5 "Custom" Tag (in ID3v2.3)

I am using Mp3tag v2.49a with Creative Labs MediaSource 5 v5.26.02 as my primary player/organizer.

Within MediaSource you can "Edit Track Properties..." via right-click on items in the "Now Playing" list. This brings up a Properties menu. Under the "Tag Information" tab are 11 fields. Ten are standard to ID3 v2.3 (I can verify them with Mp3tag). However, there is a "Custom" field which I am unable to determine its mapping.

I've tried the included tag fields and extended tag fields from the FAQ:
and also a couple guesses at which field this "Custom" is by adding some from the Mp3tag mapping list:
but to no avail. I did not try them all.

Is there an easy way to look at all fields of a file with contents? Or, get a list of what fields a file has (even without contents, I don't mind looking through all of them - but I do mind looking at every field in the entire ID3 v2.3 standard one-by-one manually adding them all into Mp3tag). There has got to be an easy way to find this field and hope someone more experienced and knowledgeable than I can help me out. :book:

If you need to access the app, it can be obtained from Creative here:

Many Thanks in advance! :music:

Try using Mp3tag's extended tag dialog to view the fields contained in one or more of the files. Highlight the files and use View > Extended Tags... (or press Alt-T). If it's a field that Mp3tag maps, then it will have a name from the field mapping page that you cited. If not, you'll see the actual field name.

Yeah, JJ I tried that. See above where I wrote, "I've tried the ... extended tag fields."

I also read the FAQ, but thanks anyway for trying to help.

In case anyone is wondering, here is what the discrepancy looks like:

I typed that "LOOK-HERE" saved and re-opened after closing both apps and get nothing close to that viewable in mp3tag. It's nowhere to be found in the extended (as you can see) or any of the columns in the main viewer (I checked them all) nor a few of the custom mappings I added according to the known quantities posted on the mp3tag link above (eg %fieldname%). Problem is, I don't know the fieldname and need someone to help me discover it. Is there a way to get a list of all fieldnames in use? That way I can look at them all (their contents, ie "LOOK-HERE" in this example) to find out which is which.

PS In case it's not obvious, what I see in mp3tag extended tag field is on the left, MediaSource on the right.

  1. You can try to use a hex viewer to look into the file and find something of interest ...
    Irfanview (Open as/HEX file) or TotalCmd's Lister.exe

  2. The custom entry can be a NTFS stream attachment.

Use an alternate stream viewer ...


DetlevD -

I already had Irfanview and only needed to install the plug-ins to access the mp3 file.

After scrolling past the initial non-text file contents (which I believe equates to the image file for Cover Art, which this file has) I can now view the rest of the ID3 contents, including the "LOOK-HERE" contents of the "Custom" tag.


It's not indexed by one of the ID3v2.3 text meta tag frames (T***) and obviously why it didn't show up in my first attempts using what mp3tag had built-in. Oddly, even though it is text, it has been treated as a General Encapsulated Object (GEOB). I don't know too much on how GEOB is parsed, but it's followed by the text/plain syntax which puts it back into text mode even though it's not T*** indexed.

ID3 meta tag frames:
How to parse GEOB (but beyond me, my coding skills are weak):

Since this tag is not mapped internally by mp3tag, how do I view this in mp3tag or anything but MediaSource for that matter? I know I can manipulate the mappings in mp3tag according to below, but since it's not there in mp3tag as a defined value to begin with (see list in my original post) is there any way for me to create it?

Or, am I stuck with asking the mp3tag devs to add this one in?

PS Added a lot of that extra info and links for anyone else that comes across this in the future and doesn't have to waste the hours I have. :wacko: