Crop to square cover not available on windows 10?

I read that this option released in Mac version. Could you implement this on windows 10?

I would like to suggest GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), which is free, trusted, and constantly updated.

Just press ALT-I and then S to Scale your images. There are little "chain links" you break by clicking should you want to reshape an image, such as when turning a rectangle into a square.

Press CTRL-E or CTRL-SHIFT-E to export your images as JPGs or what have you.

I have about 500 tracks and I need to do it automatically

Just curious how you expect this cropping to happen against multiple images without visually confirm what part of the image gets tossed away. Should it always grab from the centre? Perhaps starting from the very top or far left, depending on which way the image is not squared?

I could see padding a non-square cover to make art compatible with many of the new audio streaming apps, but cropping? Most covers would be a mess with an unsupervised crop.