Ctr-F wipes display

Hello to all. I'm back to using Mp3Tag because it really is an excellent program, though I continue to be frustrated by its lack of a Find function. I have a very large collection of music. It takes Mp3Tag well over an hour to read my entire collection. I have the root folder of my collection set as Favorite. Just now I was looking for something in my collection and forgot and pressed Ctrl-F (the shortcut key used for Find in other programs). Little did I know that in Mp3Tag that takes me to the Favorite folder. Fine. But it also refreshes the Favorite folder, and now I have to wait over an hour to be able to use the program again while it re-reads all the tags.

Please - isn't there a way to de-program Ctrl-F so that it doesn't clear my display and start reading my entire collection over again? Because I know I'll make the same mistake again. And isn't there a way to refresh only the selection? Any help would be appreciated.

I realize that some of you will say I should never work on my entire collection at once. But for me, one major advantage of the program is being able to make changes in tags throughout an entire collection in one go.


Hi Les,

The only way to prevent [Ctrl]+[F] from reading the default/favorite directory as configured at Options > Directories is to remove this directory from the settings and leave this field empty.

It might change in the future, but as of v2.85 it's not possible to use [Ctrl]+[F] in any other way.

Kind regards
ā€” Florian

Les, here is what I do to avoid this problem. First, when I designated my root music folder as the default, I did not check the box for "Subdirectories". Second, I use the root folder only to store incoming files (i.e., those unprocessed or in process). That means that the root folder rarely holds more than a hundred files and so loads very quickly. In effect, I use the root folder as my "new additions" folder. After editing, I move those files to an appropriate sub folder. This system has worked well for me for many years.

Of course, and from time to time I do this. For me that means simply checking the box for "Subdirectories" temporarily. However, whenever possible I use queries from Windows Explorer to save loading time, as I discussed in this post:


Thank you, Florian. That will be very helpful.