I propose adding the ability to copy files via CTRL + C shortcut

Right now for selected files you have to select "Copy" form the right click menu; and navigate within Mp3tag into a specific folder. So if a user already has opened the destination in some other program, that is a waste of time / clicks

And what's more, once such an act of coping has occurred, the file can be pasted one more with CTRL + V. So why not make CTRL + C active in the main window of Mp3tag

Alternatively an user could have an option if CTRL + C should mean coping a file[s] or tag values of selected files[s]. Or could define such an additional shortcut

Try to understand the main purpose of Mp3tag ...
and read there ... how the keyboard is mapped within Mp3tag ...


Managing tags; and not file handling

But [speaking from my experience] the first without the second is incomplete

The description up there is somewhat false

Ctrl + Shift + C does not "copy file" - it merely opens Windows' explorer; where you can select destination for the file that is about to be copied. So to be precise it's "copy to [selection]" and not "copy selection"

"Copy to" is sometimes needed, and I would definitely leave it [especially in the right click menu]. But some kind of "C" shortcut should actually make a copy of a file into RAM, for various pasting purposes via CTRL + V

So we agree that a keyboard function for copying files already exists, ...
already user friendly by offering a system explorer window to support the user to find the target folder.

Additionally you want to have a copy function in Mp3tag like offered by the Windows explorer, which copies a list of selected object (files, folders) into the clipboard to paste anywhere, where such a copied or moved list is accepted by the target application.
Well, this would give Mp3tag a little bit more comfort.

In the meantime [Ctrl]+Mousedrag a selection of files from Mp3tag filelist to any folder does it.



And coming to think about it, reserving CTRL + C / CTRL + V shortcut not for this but for coping of tags is more convenient. At least for me, because I do more of tagging than moving / coping of files