ctrl+s replacement? / ctrl+tab suggestion

when editing a e.g. title i really dont like ctrl+s for saving. would be great to replace it with RETURN (optionable for oldstyle users would do it as well...) + a jump into the next box (artist)

tab or ctrl+tab does actually the same. ctrl+tab could be used to switch to the next file. both suggestions would be very handy for manual editing...

You can configure Mp3tag to save the changes when you select the next file. Just enable Save tags when using arrow keys/single mouse click at Options > Tags.

Please also give a resolving statement at the news post on winfuture.de. It's really frustrating how these news posts always turn into personal attacks. It's really demotivating.

Don't let these affect you eh. These guys just don't appreciate the effort you've put into this software, and hence, don't deserve to use it, let alone suggest very minor personal preferances without even asking politely or at least not inpolitely. :angry:

Keep up the good work Florian!

hi florian,

your options works now like a charm :smiley: thx for the hint. what about ctrl+tab to change to the next file?

concerning winfuture: its a board for kiddies, dont take it serious...

btw: winamp has a neat autodetect autotag function. its powered from http://www.gracenote.com. maybe its also interesting for you

cheers and keep on with excellent work!