Ctrl+Shift+P place each playlist in it's respective directory?

Hello, love the program. Been using it for a number of years and it has saved me hundreds of hours.

I have a few hundred albums, each one in it's own directory. Is there any way to automatically generate a playlist file in each directory based on the contents of that folder? I have found the hotkey "ctrl+shift+p+" and this creates a separate .m3u for each directory however I was surprised that it placed all of the .m3u files in the root containing all the other directories. Is there a way to have this place each playlist in its corresponding directory?

If not, is there any way to to create a playlist for each album in it's own directory that does not require creating a playlist for each directory one at a time?


Go to "Options > Playlist" and add %_folderpath% to the playlist name, for example:

Fantastic! Thank you!