I still havent quite grasped the enormous ability this program offers.

I read about CTRL+SHIFT+P and i love it.

Is there something like that for exporting album html lists for EACH DIRECTORY?

I took a look into the ACTIONS abilties and didnt see anything popping out to me clearly.

I wonder is that possible via the mte itself?

put in an IF TRACK#=01, save existing run as %directory%\%artist - %album%.html

and proceed till next 01 track#, rinse repeat?

I would appreciate even a pointer at if/how to accomplish this.






Thank you for the info!

I searched the forums as well as looking through the best I could in the help files, and did not find a list of CTRL+SHIFT+(?) commands.

Is there a list of these items and other shortcuts somewhere that Im missing?



Yes, you'll find a list of all keyboard shortcuts in Mp3tag's help file.

~ Florian