CTRL-W failure


Though I've set Options | Tags | Default Values | Title: to , when I select a track and press CTRL-W ("Changes the fields on the tag panel to the values entered at Options > Default values."), the tag panel Title field does not get blanked.

Bug? User error? :wink: Or what?


It's only used at multi-selection (as stated in the options dialogue).


Oops, my mistake - thanks.

By the way, I think Options | Tags | Default Values would be a lot clearer for the user if the UI mentioned that it applies only to the tag panel. Especially since this is not mentioned in its Help, or in the Help for CTRL-W. In fact CTRL-W's "Default values in input fields" gives the (wrong) idea that it applies to input fields in the file list, especially as it is offered even when the tag panel is hidden.


Good idea. I'll move that dialog page below Tag Panel and also remove the Ctrl+W menu item while I'm on it (as I think it's useless).