Ctrl-Z / Undo behaviour

Found a bug with Ctrl-Z.

If you have a list of songs, and you did add a Genre to it.
Then remove by mistake the title from the edit field instead of copy it.
You can undo that with Ctrl-Z
The deleted title comes back.
But then the previous set genre get deleted !

test flow.

  • Have a few tracks with just set and saved Genre.
  • Delete in the title in the title edit box.
  • Press Ctrl-Z to undo the mistake you get your title back but you lose a previous set genre.

You will notice every time you press control-Z while you have selected the edit box the previous just set genres get deleted. Seems to happen when otehr edit fields are in focus to.

Unless you press Ctrl-S before you press Ctrl-Z, then the last thing you did was to set a new genre.
The modification to delete the title has not been saved then, you see the title as it was before as the file is re-read - and that is with the old title and the old genre.

I save avery track after i did add the genre.
The ctrl-Z is on the n ext track when i want to search for the correct genre and sometimes you press a wrong shortcut key (i did bind the select all, cpy and paste to special keys)

I see what you mean, if you select a different track and then back to old one the title comes back. A bit extra clicks in workflow but that works to get title back.

So no bug any more, I think.

Am still curious why ther eneed to be a ctrl-z for genre's
Instead of keeping ctrl-Z for what it's used to. To undo a mistake.
I would like to see ctrl-z works normal in edit fields instead of undo a genre.

It's mabye not a bug anymore,
but it's strange implementation of ctrl-z

If this is the way it has to be done then I cannot reproduce it.
I still think that the basic misunderstanding is that you undo the not saved deletion of the title. In fact, as it has not yet been applied, the last undo-able action is the modification of the genre.

I agree that the Ctrl-Z to undo a load of file operations is somewhat strange, especially as when you press it by mistake, as there is no Redo Ctrl-Y to re-apply it.

Maybe, when the focus is in an edit (within the left panel), Ctrl-Z should undo the edit [if there something to undo].
Also maybe Options -> Messages -> Show message "[x] prior to Undo"