CUETools DB Metadata Plugin gone after update to 3.14

What's the best solution to this? Is it possible that plugins get deleted with each update? Thanks.

What do you mean by

AFAIK there are no plugins for MP3tag.
You can call "Tools" which are calls to external programs that the user defines - but these external programs do not get delete with an update.
Are we talking about MP3tag? Google tells me that CUETools DB Metadata is a plug-in for EAC.

Under 3.12, I used to be able to switch to "CUETools DB Metadata Plugin V2.1.6" to lookup CD metadata.
Since I installed 3.14 yesterday, I don't find that option.

The first screenshot doesn't look like Mp3tag, maybe it was from a different program, e.g., Exact Audio Copy (EAC)?

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Very good point. I'll check my notes and EAC. Thanks.

That was it. Thanks again to both of you.

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