Cumulative track times

Hi all,
I have asked this before but now trying to have another stab at it.

I would like a column (not to be saved in the files themselves) that shows cumulative track times of a set of tracks. For example, if each track is 2:30 long, the value for the track at the top of the list would be 2:30 the value against the next track down would be 5:00 and the value against the third track would be 7:30 and so on.
PS: I do know that you can see the total time for all selected tracks at the bottom of the screen.

I see you can now pickup individual track times in seconds. But I would need a global value to save the running total in and a way of making sure it started at zero for the top track. It would also need to add each tracks time in the correct order from the top down.

Any suggestions?
Regards Tel

Hi :slight_smile:

I think it's not possible to add this cumulative track time column to the file list. Mp3tag doesn't have information on the surrounding tracks for each entry in the file list.

However, you can try a custom export and use a variable to store the sum of the length in seconds. An example would be

$num($div($get(SumLengthSec),60),2):$num($mod($get(SumLengthSec),60),2) %_path%

Hi Florian,

Thank you for the suggestion, but as you say I suspect a screen based solution is not possible using the currently available functions.

I guess it would need a new internal 'Information Field', like 'Cumulative_Seconds', against each track entry that would be internally populated as Mp3Tag worked out the total time that it displays at the bottom of the screen. Although I am not sure if mp3tag knows the display order of the tracks as the windows list box probably handles all of that.

Oh-well back to slowly increasing the number of highlighted tracks to see the running time at different stages of the list.

Once again thanks for your help (and a great program).

Or you export the required data to a file that can be read by Excel (or something similar)
and create that calculation column yourself in that program.