Curious bug with release v2.34a


I have discovered a curious bug with tags generated with release v2.34a. It seems that previous release older than 2.28 do not generate this problem.

When reading the tags generated from convert file name to tag (artist-title), the tag seem to be ok in mp3tag.

When reading the tag in winamp 2.76 or musicmatch jukebox 6.00, the last character of the track title and the last character of the artist is lost from the tag for every file, do not matter what is the title or artist length on win98!!!

With previous release i have tried to generate some tags that displays correctly in both release of these software...

Curiously when reading the same tag with winamp 5.092 on win 2k, the tag is read correctly for both the title and artist name!!!

Do you have any idea? Is it missing and end of string character that is causing the last character to be used as end of string in these mp3 player programs?



This is probably the problems. Thank you for the fast answer.

The only thing that makes me very sad, it this that i have burned 4 cd coaster that cannot be read in my home and car mp3 players, winamp and musicmatch on my win98 system, :angry: because of unicode. A lot of tag editing have to be done again and reburning...

I think, when the release changed after ver 2.33, the default option must not have been changed to writing unicode in id2 tags. In general, programmer has to take care of what could break compatibility and cause problems.

User who need this unicode feature should have change the default to write unicode because they need it, other user should have not been affected by this compatibility break...

I agree that ISO-8859-1 should be default.

Add my vote to ISO-8859-1 as default.

There are too many heritage applications and devices around. Switching to ID3v2.4 and Unicode needs to be a conscious choice.

Then you won't have much fun with Winamp 5.2 and future versions,
because starting with this Version Winamp ONLY writes
Unicode Tags (v2.3 UTF-16), even when there are no characters
in the tag which would require unicode. When you edit an existing
v2.3 ISO 8859-1 Tag with the new Winamp, it will now always be saved as
v2.3 UTF-16.

Maybe the installler should ask which setting the user wants during the install process, giving some easy-to-understand explanation what the pros & cons of the different tag versions are. (Most people do not change the options later, and most people do not read the help file :laughing:), so offering them to make a "conscious" choice during the installation seems best to me).

But the default "offering" made by the installer should remain v2.4 UTF-8 IMHO, we live in 2006 and it is time to move on. Compatibility e.g. for portable players could always be achieved by additionally writing an ID3v1 Tag, which is done by default.

(Just my humble opinion :rolleyes:)


Yep, the issue is confused.

It almost takes a decision tree to figure out what is correct for the user.

In my case I had specific compatibility problems with MusicMatch which forced me to use the ISO tags. Also had to contend with Linux systems accessing the network shared libraries via Samba.

FYI, I've changed the default ID3v2 tag type to ID3v2.3 with UTF-16 in the current Development Build.