Current Directory in Window Title & Offline Help

I haven’t found a way to do this, so I guess it’s a feature request. MP3Tag currently has an option to show the current directory — the location files were last loaded from — in the window title, but that’s not necessarily useful if you have files loaded from several different locations simultaneously, which I often do. Would it be possible to have an option to display the home directory of currently selected files, assuming all selected files were loaded from the same location, and/or maybe the common component of different paths for selected files, followed by something like […] to indicate that there are non-common path components?

While looking into whether what I want was already possible, I found that both my offline help, and the online help located here, are apparently not up to date, at least in regards to Options > Configuration > General, as neither describe various checkbox options available in the actual dialog, including “Show current directory in window title” and “Keep moved files in file list”. Not judging or criticizing — MP3Tag has been extremely useful to me, and I do appreciate all the effort that has gone into maintaining and improving it — but may I suggest that both online and offline help perhaps display a version number and/or date that it was last updated?

AFAIK the window title shows the current working directory.
If you want to see the current path of a file then it may be a solution to create a column that shows the path. You could then also sort by the path.

Yes, already have that, and it’s better than nothing, but it’s not as conducive to my tagging operations moving smoothly, in certain situations anyway, as having the correct path in the title of the window. Thanks for the suggestion, though. Also aware that I can have the path displayed in the tag panel. Again, I’d rather be able to see it in the title bar.

As you describe the virtues of your suggestion in respect to your workflow:
as you noted quite correctly, one can see a directory also in the tag panel.
But this is not necessarily the working directory.
And as this is no mandatory field, the only place which shows the current working directory is the window title. This is the place where e.g. an export will end up unless you have specified a special path. So it might be quite a tedious task to scan through all the folders to see where the export has gone.
In that respect, I think that the only reliable display of the current path of a file is actually the files list with a column for the path.
All the other displays serve different purposes.

Well, I stand by my request. It would be far more useful to me to see the selected files’ path, rather than the current working directory, in the window title. And since even displaying the current working directory there is optional, what I’m proposing would be simply an alternate option.

Another proposal, which wouldn’t be quite as useful to me though still better than the current situation, would be to make it so the display of the current working directory in the title bar visually changed somehow to distinguish common and non-common path components whenever one or more files whose paths differ from the working dir are selected. For example:

C:\Users\MAZE\Music\Young, Neil\[1972-02-01] Harvest\FLAC24


C:\Users\MAZE\Music\Young, Neil\[1972-02-01] Harvest[\FLAC24]

But I’m not a programmer and have no idea of the feasibility of any of this. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.