Custom action problem

I made a custom action though i cannot seem to get it to to work

my library is ogranized as this

\band name[year the album came out] album name\song title.mp3
ex. --- \Broadway[2009] Kingdoms\Broadway - 01 - Intro.mp3

the action i made is

[%year%] %album%

simple enough? well when i tell mp3tag to execute it, it fails to include the [ and ] brackets (Q_Q)
ex. --- \Broadway\2009 Kingdoms\

how do i go about including them so they appear in the new folder name?

thanks for the replies in advance =)

'['%year%']' %album%

thank you for your assistance and quick reply. =) the change works perfectly!

(btw, to admins, the forum flood post control told me i was posting this too fast from my reply to another thread. just wanted to say, the feature which keeps what you typed and allows you to select it all again, is VERY VERY helpful and a cool thing that I wish more forums would do. =))