Custom Case for Artist Names in Tags

Hello there,

I have an action which forces uppercase on tags.

Now I am wondering if there is a way to force exact case for bank names which have specific capitalisation. For example, 'InMe' instead of 'INME' or 'inme'.

I know you prefer plain English descriptions, so I include the key which states what everything means within the code, which I created back in July 18.

T=1 'Case conversion'
T=2 'Replace'
T=3 Not listed in action types
T=4 'Regular expression'
T=5 'Format value'
T=6 'Remove duplicate fields'
T=7 'Guess values'
T=8 'Merge duplicate fields'
T=9 'Remove fields'
T=10 'Remove fields except'
T=11 'Convert codepage'
T=12 'Import cover from file'
T=13 'Export cover to file'
T=14 'Import text file'
T=15 'Export'
T=16 'Split field by seperator'


1=Original string
2=Replace original string with
3=0 Means 'only as whole word' and 'case-sensitive comparison' not selected
3=1|0 Means 'only as whole word' selected and 'case-sensitive comparison' not selected
3=0|1 Means 'only as whole word' not selected and 'case-sensitive comparison' selected
3=1|1 Means 'only as whole word' selected and 'case-sensitive comparison' selected

Existing forcing uppercase:
    ! Artist UPPERCASE Conversion List (Initiate)=

! Artist and Band UPPERCASE Conversion (Start)=
1=abba|adda|absrdst|acdc|ac dc|akdong musician|bkpr|blk jks|bts|chllngr|chvrches|chll pll|dfrnt|diiv|dmc|dnce|drwn|dtcv|dwntwn|dvsn|dvsr|exo-k|grmln|haim|htrk|hxlt|inxs|jmsn|jpnsgrls|kaytranada|kda|kshmr|ladybaby|lany|lee hi|lndn drgs|lnzndrf|lvthn|mgmt|mika|mnek|mndrmnek|ms mr|mstrkrft|n sync|nsync|partynextdoor|pwr bttm|pza|rdgldgrn|rkcb|rlyr|r\u00dcf\u00dcs du sol|rvivr|ry x|sbtrkt|shxcxchcxsh|sophie|stnnng|strfkr|swmrs|tnght|tr/st|tts|tstr|walk the moon|wzrd|u2|u-kiss|unkle|wstrn|xtrmst|zayn


! Artist UPPERCASE Conversion List (End and Delete)=

I hope you can help, thank you in advance.

To replace one text constant (here: name found in tags) with another (here: special capitalization) there is either the action "Replace" or the $replace() function.

Thanks for your reply. I have had a think about this and am not sure how to practically apply your suggestion to this example.

So let's say that there are a list of artists which have particular capitalisation, like the original example I have, how would I incorporate this into the existing action?

You would have to create actions with the pairs of search and replace words with the correct case in the replace word.

Are you saying that I would have to create a new action for each artist name? This can't be achieved within one action for multiple artists, like in the original code I showed which deals with multiple artists changing case from lower to upper?

Basically yes.
As there is no rule that can be applied like "put everything you find in capitals", you have to treat every name as special case.
You can use $replace() so that you have to write fewer actions, the number of pairs stays the same, though.

Could you please demonstrate how this would work?

I genuinely cannot figure out how this needs to be coded.


see e.g. this thread with a number of suggestions with the correct syntax:

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