custom converting fills %date%-tag with weird numbers

hello there,

like a bunch of you, i really enjoy using mp3tag a lot!
now i stuck at one point, maybe a bug...?
because of using foobar2000 on Windows for managing and rating my music
and TraktorScratch on MacOSX to play them,
i created a converting action, to copy the rating (1to5) from foobar-tag (%rating%)
to %rating wmp% and %rating mm% and converting to %popularimeter% using following string, obviously working well...


but when controlling the converted files and tags, I can see that in some case mp3tag's %year%-tag and foobar's %date%-tag have been touched by the application and filled with weird years like 1301, 0001 or 0000 or something similar useless! please look at the first three rows in the attachement for details!

I cannot reproduce the action - I tried a few things
so far i can say, it does not depend on a certain year, ID3Tag-Standard, Artist, Rating...
from about 200 files converting, minimum 20 are going to be mistagged like described.
It's really hard after this converting action, to manually correct these tags!

I would be grateful, if anyone could give me a tip on solving this!
mp3tag is such a powerful application - i dont wanna look for another similar (for my needs) working apps... want to stay with you :wink:

Can you try to change your ID3v2 writing settings at Options > Tags > Mpeg to ID3v2.3 with UTF-16 and see whether the problem with the changing year persists?

changed like described ...

... works well with my testing-folders incl 25 albums.
gonna try it out with my whole collection incl 80.000 files after doing a backup of it.
will then give a shout back

thanks a lot for your urgent help /tup/