Custom cover art for playlist


Newbie here.

I wish to make a compilation of certain tracks from my music collection by generating a playlist.
Each of those tracks already has its own tagged cover image.

I wish to represent that playlist with a custom created image so that when the tracks are played via the playlist the custom image appears.

Is this possible without changing the tagged cover image? If yes, how do I go about it?

Many thanks in advance.

as the playlist only represents a collection of text references to file names to find the original audio file, I do not see any option to also link a special picture.
So in short: no, I don't think that playlists have this feature.

Well noted.
Thank you very much.

I think I remember some Winamp plugin that read cover image entries from extended M3U playlist files, but it apparently was not my then-favorite: Album List, which had introduced three new fields that could only appear once each: #EXTART album/playlist artist, #EXTALB album/playlist title and #EXTGENRE. It would have made sense to also support #EXTIMG, #EXTICO or #EXTCOVER which would have applied to the file or URL referenced in the next line.