Custom Dark theme causes issue - Settings dialog

mp3tag - dark mode issue

Seems to be an issue certain checkboxes, mainly in the Settings dialog. Everything else seems to display fine. For example, in View (menu) > Customize Columns, there is no display issue in the list. Maybe because it's a ListView control?

Also, I can't see the graphic of the actual check. So I can't tell if the option is on or off. I do happen to be using a custom dark theme (3rd party) on my system (Win10). If I switch to Light mode, then my 3rd party dark theme takes over and the issue goes away.

Anyway, just wanted to report and see if anyone else saw this too.


Found another display issue in the Export dialog:

mp3tag - dark mode issue 2

I just tried another custom theme, and there is no issue in dark mode. Looks like the particular theme I used in the previous post is faulty. So ignore this.

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