Custom field names created using Mixed Case

I've created a new Action for myself to use. Within that Action I have an action type using "Format Value", which I've used to create a new ID3 tag with the field name "ENCODER". I know that this is not a standard ID3 field, however MP3tag allows me to create additional ID3 fields with my own names, and I believe that is supported by ID3.

(I'm already using the standard "ENCODEDBY" and "ENCODERSETTINGS" fields in other action types, but I want to have a third field in my ID3 tags, which is "ENCODER").

Anyway, the question is this: how can I get this field name to display itself in lower case letters? In other words, I want the field name to display itself as "Encoder" rather than "ENCODER" when it is written to the MP3 file.

Currently, Mp3tag writes the field in all upper case, as "ENCODER". But all of the other standard fields are written normally, like "Encoded By" or "Encoder Settings" etc, without being upper case.

If I hover my mouse over the MP3 file, so that it pops up the tooltip with the ID3 info in it, I can see that the ENCODER field is in upper case like that, but the other fields are not.

It would be really great, if Mp3tag would write all fields in "Mixed Case" mode and not all upper case, even for the non-standard fields that I add. Could this be possible please?

I know that Mp3tag did use Mixed Case field names in the past, because I have some older MP3 files that were edited with Mp3tag, which do display my "Encoder" field in Mixed Case rather than upper case.

By the way, how can I delete a non-standard field name from the Mp3tag database, after I have added it into an Action? For example, I also created a new action type of "Format Value", and then created a new field name "TEST" in order to test the above. Afterwards, I deleted the Action. But later, if I create a new Action again and then a new Format Value action type, it still shows "TEST" in the list of available field names. How can I remove it?

Standard ID3v2 frames have four-character names. See this document. For example, ARTIST is actually TPE1, ALBUM is TALB. When you see a field name shown in some application as 'Artist' or 'Album' or 'Encoded By', what you're seeing is that application making the field names more human-readable. They are not written to the file using those strings.

When you create a non-standard field, however, a 'user-defined' TXXX frame (see section 4.2.2 in the document above) is created, with a 'description' part. That description part can be written in any case, but Mp3tag will generally write it in all upper case. What you can do is create an action that changes the description to mixed case. Use the following case conversion action:

Action type: Case conversion
Case conversion: Mixed Case
Words begin from/after any of: _-

Run this after creating the custom field, and any time you edit it in Mp3tag. What I do is always run a standard set of action groups, with this the last one just before renaming the file, which is last. Any time I make even the smallest tagging change within a file, the standard action groups are run.

Excellent, that worked perfectly, thanks!!

I don't suppose you have any ideas about the other part of my question, about how to delete a non-standard field name from the Mp3tag database?! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

In the dialog box, to the right of the dropdown box, you should see a '>' button. You can use it to either remove individual fields or to reset the list back to the standard list of fields.

Awesome, thank you so much! :slight_smile: