Custom file extension

Is there any way to load tags from custom extensions?
For example all my mp3 files has extension bin.

I tried to specify the *.bin; in "restrict incoming files to:" field but without success.

Any sugestion?

Not possible unless you rename the files to MP3.


It would be a great feature to be able to map custom extensions known filetypes that Mp3tag currently handles.

eg: Specify in the configuration that bin = mp3 so Mp3tag knows to search for .bin and .mp3 files.

Why would one change the extensions of his files to BIN instead of MP3?

I'm just curious :unsure:

~ Florian

I can't speak for abaros, but I can speak for "this guy I know" :wink: He renames his mp3's to trk's at work because our laptops are scanned for illegal/innappropriate files, such as mp3's. Since it's a simple extension search, renaming the mp3's bypasses the problem.

Are they also scanned for the better formats, such as Ogg, MPC, and lossless?

Couldn't tell you if they search for "better" formats or not...