Custom Key Shortcuts

Is there a way to create key shortcuts for applying actions?

I have a list of actions that add an attribute to the comments field. I'd like to be able to hit a shortcut for each one to apply the action.

Also - I'd like a key shortcut to clear all of the actions applied to the previous .mp3.

Can this be done?

check out this thread: Creating Macros

There is an undo button. MP3tag, on the other hand, cannot guess what other actions have been applied to a file before you load it into MP3tag. And even then it is not always possible to undo all.

Thanks for the response, ohrenkino! Much appreciated.

Re: my second point - I do not want to undo the previous actions, I just want the checkboxes cleared when I start tagging the next track...

Can it be done?

You can select individual action (groups) either from the actions menu if you use the entries below "Actions ..." or select an action from the toolbar button. This is independent from the selection in the Actions ... dialogue.

Once you have all checkboxes cleared in the action list [Alt+6], then use the button "Utils" [Alt+S] and save this state with a name of your wish.
Afterwards you can reset to this state via the "Utils" dialog when you need it.


Thanks DetlevD - that sounds great.

I suppose I can also set up some keystrokes to open Utils, then reset the state of the action list?