Custom list Composer, Artists, Copyright

in Mac, genre can have standard list and custom list of genre, also it can collect them as we are entering new entities. It was a much requested feature in Windows. I have not used Windows version in a while. But this is very well implemented in Mac. It could be available in Windows also. I have not checked.


  1. To have custom list for Composer, Artist, Grouping, Copyright and other fields similar to Genre.
  2. Ability to collect them as entered
  3. Ability to modify the list for each field, basically to sort them and curate once in a while.

This would be save a lot of time in typing the same text repeatedly.

Also, this would be a killer feature both in Windows and Mac.

Please consider this feature

But the discussion always ended with "Create yourself a set of actions of the type "Format value" for the field where you suspect frequently the same entries."
TBH: I have encountered very few artists who issue substantial amounts fo albums to make it worhtwhile to have them in a predefined list.
And even if they are very productive (or have been) there is usually a span of years between the releases - and all that time I would carry around the name in that list, turning more and more into a zombie.record.

Coming to the maintainance of such lists: when do you see the right time to add it to the list? When a file is first read? When you edit it manually for the first time? What happens if the suggested entry is edited by you - should this new version replace the old one or should it be added?
If entries get added automatically when first read, then I doubt that a "list" will really be useful as soon as the collection exceeds a few hundred files from various performers - it will become more of a hinderance to scroll through a list with hundreds of entries than a real conveniance feature. e.g. in my collection there are 238 artists starting with "John"...
In short: it is much easier to maintain a (short) list of actions of the type "Format value" for the fields that you had in mind.

It is very simple feature, since it is already implemented in genre.

We need menu called Custom lists, which has three columns, and ability to add rows, (one per tag)

Add Tag | Check mark for collect | custom list

First field "Add tag", is drop down menu for known tags
Second field, to either collect or not collect entries, same as genre
third field is same as genre custom field, to review and modify the custom field.

We do not need predefined list, because artist, composer etc depends on the region of usage.

It is a very very very neat feature, it will make mp3tag a very powerful tool. It will make set mp3tag apart from other editors. It will save time for users in typing.

Leave the curation of list to users discretion. They will manage.

Most people using mp3tag editor are pros. maintaining large music database. They will all love this feature both in Windows and mac. This will also help avoid typos and multiple spelling of one artist, not able bring all songs of a artist, composer, etc with one spelling.

Mp3tag already knows how to handle this feature for Genre, please extend it to all fields, let users use it as they feel fit.

Preference file has to save this setting in plist as it does for genre

Honestly. I have a really large collection and I would not want that feature at all. I even would prefer to not have the drop-down-list in Genre because this solution with the genres keeps me from seeing all genres in my selction of files in the tag-panel.

Imagine you want to type "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart". You have the below custom list.

you click on composer list and type w, mp3tag fills "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart". Would it be nice?

Claude Debussy
Ludwig van Beethoven
Johann Sebastian Bach
Johannes Brahms
Richard Wagner
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I actually don't type that much because nearly all of my needed information for tags comes from web-sources. Typing is only for minor corrections.
As I wrote:
One main feature in the tag-panel is to see the content of a selection of files and the possibility to set them to an equal content without the need of looking at a defined column for this tagfield for which side-scrolling often would be needed. The only tag-field we have at the moment with such a predefined list breaks this feature.

Your example may make some sense for classical music with a limited amount of different composers.
I have also filled al lot of the tag-field composer in my collection of popular music and this list there would include thousands of composers.
I actually can't think of a standard tag-field in my collection for which it would make real sense to have a predefined list.

The feature autofilling by typing even tends to be more work in many cases, as the correct entry is sometimes only correctly operated after longer typing sequences.
A fictional example of the composer list:
Ted Smith
Teddie Winter
Teddy Summer
Teddy Summy / Gabriel Winter

I think you can imagine how a predefined list with thousands of such entries behaves in the autofill.

I completely agree - that it would be user-defined. But a test-function is already there in the shape of the "Format value" actions. You can even structure them into categories.
This list

shows IMHO that the number of possible names is actually quite short and that such a list should easily be handled with a set of actions as described above.

So, a good test would be to start the test with the actions and then see whether and when it becomes either too long or entries simply seize to fulfill their purpose as no new tracks get added that need to be treated by this function.
To get around the underlying problem of too much typing and spelling errors and so on:
I use 2 tools: MP3tag and Foobar2000 - where MP3tag does the bulk tagging and Foobar2000 shows (in filtered lists) which similar entries I already have - from there it is child's play to copy&paste data to new files.
And the other good thng is: if I see old entries and and find that I need to update them, then I can treat them straight away on the real files instead of taking a mental note as right now the new entry is only a record in the MP3tag list.
This is just a suggestion for the time until the feature request becomes a feature.

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Actions is a decent work around.

My preference and what speeds up my work flow is visual fields, “File list, with multiple tag columns” and Side bar.

the main file list with tabular columns help me sort, visually handle thousands of songs at once.

Side is one click away for single and multiple tag on selected songs

I use Actions only for bulk machine edit, such as Adding a space after ‘.’, removing double comma, making spelling correction, such as renaming Archeve to Achieve, usuall suspects

Maintaining Actions is a pain in mac, because we can’t import from Windows, nor edit the plist in a text editor.

We have to create each action manually unlike in Windows.

With custom list, we can have all tags list maintained in an excel, copy and paste the list to preferences and be done with it.

FYI: Mp3tag is used for songs for non-latin scripts also, we don’t have any database of id3tag for my language. I want to contribute to a larger database with my data. Please help with the process.

This custom list feature should be available for all tag fields