Custom MTE Export files


I've written a custom export file ALBUM.MTE It's in the EXPORT directory with the others, but it won't show up in the Export filelist box. I've already done this:

Exit program and return.
Search registry for ".mte"
Looked for an INI file

Don't tell me the list of files is hardcoded into an EXE or DLL!




please have a look at Options, Export. You'll find the directory for export configurations here.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Now I understand the source of the confusion. There are two directories involved and one appears to be mainly for templates. I saved my new file in

C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\export\

instead of:

C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mp3tag\export\

I don't know how I got into the wrong directory as notepad points me to the correct one.



yes, the directory C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\export</i> is for copying the templates to the users directory when using Mp3tag in multi-user environments.

Best regards,
~ Florian