Custom tag / frame 4.28 in id3v2 v2.3

Hi, customs tags written in Mp3tag are not stored in mp3 file (I cannot read them in JRiver).
Customs tags written in JRiver are not visible in Mp3tag (version 3.01), BUT are visible in another program (Professional Tag Editor from Source Forge, just used for checking).
So I think that JRiver custom tags are "standard", and maybe using the new frame for custon tags as I read searching the internet (here).
My question is if it's planned to adopt this improvement, or maybe is it already there but I don't know how to use it.
Mp3tag remains the best tag editor, a pity that discogs_pone is not working (for me).

How do you store the tags in Mp3Tag?
What does MP3Tag show if you open the extended tag-menue (ALT-t)?

It is rather fascinating that your file has a user-defined field "ALBUM ARTIST". The standard field would be TPE2 and not TXXX as your tool shows and would be addressed as ALBUMARTIST in MP3tag.
So check, as @poster advised, the extended tags dialogue.

I have fixed the scripts


  1. I was wrong, with the extended tag (alt-t) the tag is there. :+1:
    I've entered it as custom column. OK, I can see the tags with alt-t, but I cannot add a custom column neither in the panel since they are not available as "Extended fields" list. Not possible to show in custom columns or panel ?

  2. This Album Artist you see in the image is a custom and calculated tag I use in JRiver just for display and for videos, but it's calculated in audio too.

  3. Fantastic, I will download the new discogs_pone scripts version. Thanks !

You simply have to type them in. As they are custom tags, MP3tag does not know them yet.

:+1: :+1:
I thought that the program was parsing all the fields with some data in. But it's OK now, thanks.