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I'm a very satisfied user. But wanted to mention one oddness with custom tags. I mostly use a custom tag, 'RoonAlbumTag' that is recognized by the roon music system. I use it to keep track of my album ratings and what albums are not yet rated. works great. But there is an oddness: after setting a value for this tag and saving it, if I reselect all the files, it shows a default of RoonAlbumTag = blank. (the dropdown for the tag value will show the value I have set, but the default is blank.) If I select a single file/track, the value shows properly: e.g. it might say RoonAlbumTag = 7

Sort of a minor item. Assume I have set RoonAlbumTag = 7 for all tracks. If I later come back to this album, say to change the metadata for (e.g.) the album title or genre, and select all files, the default entries for most tag values are correct, but the RoonAlbumTag default entry is blank. If I don't notice this or forget, then change other tags and save, I've lost my original RoonAlbumTag.

Perhaps there is a reason for this behavior, but I'd prefer that upon selection of all tracks, my custom RoonAlbumTag value, previously set, would be filled in as the default, rather than reset to blank.

You can set the default value for a field in the tag panel when you define the properties for the field.
See tools>options>Tag Panel>Select field>Edit. See there which default value you have set. If you want to see the value, select <keep>
BTW: A blank field does not exist. It does not get written to the tag.

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thanks, I'm having trouble explaining this properly. its ok for the default to be blank. but after I have filled it in (say, with 'rating = 7', and applied this to all tracks in the album, I would like, the next time I select all tracks, to see the value they all have, rather than a blank. Same behavior as, say, the album title.
I do understand that blank fields are not written. but currently, when I reselect all tracks, I see blank rather than the rating value each track was given previously when I edited the album. If I'm editing something else, say the album title, and have selected all tracks, I might not notice that when I selected this second time, my custom tag is now set to blank, even though each track has the correct rating. If I miss this and don't re-set the RoonAlbumTag, I will lose it when I write the tag. hope thats more clear....

The default value for a field in the tag panel only gets applied when you select more than 1 file.
See the properties of the tag panel field in Tools>Options>Tag Panel when you edit the properties of the custom field.
If the properties show <delete> or <blank> as default value, then every time you select more than 1 field, this default value gets applied.
If you select <keep> as default value, then the existing values stay and are shown.

got it. went to mp3tag options/tag panel/, selected RoonAlbumTag, selected edit, and changed the default from blank to keep. newbie problem.

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