Custom Tags in Comment field

Hey folks,

Im DJ CHARGE and im Using Serato for my Music Stuff and Library Management. I dont like the fact in Serato that u cannot add multiple Custom Tags like in Rekordbox.

I used the comment field for my custom tags so this can look like this

Artist: Beyonce
Trackname: Single Ladies
BPM: 105
Genre: Dancehall

So this ist how I Tag my Songs. But for better search i need to put a [ ] for every Tag in the comment


Some Tracks have diffrent and other tags like here in the picture.

Is it possible to add [ ] before every word ?

Sorry guys my english is so bad i hope you understand what i need.

Best regards from Germany

You can try Convert Tag -> Tag or press ALT + 5
Format String: $regexp(%COMMENT%,(.+?)( - |$),'['$1']' )

tested here: regex101: build, debug and test regex
(the syntax for square brackets differs for Mp3tag, they have to be enclosed in '[')

But to be honest:
I don't see how this new syntax could be "for better search"

Is it really that you want the brackets around every word? Or do you want them around every term?
If the first is true, then

should not be

but [BIG] [ROOM]
I quite agree with @LyricsLover:

I consider it as very redundant: if you enclose the terms (which I assume should be the result) in brackets - why do you still need the hypen? This only adds 2 more characters to the whole string (space and hyphen).
I think you could get rid of these without any loss of information.

Which brings me to another approach - perhaps with 2 actions:
First: a simple replace where you replace all "space hyphen space" with "] [".
Than one of the type "Format value" for COMMENT with
Format string: '['%comment%']'

There are no more hyphens in the above result (and as I understand the OP request). I'm wrong?

Yes, you are right. Sorry to all.

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I noticed a "BIG ROOM" and "BIGROOM". Did not find the same kind of inconsistency with any of the other two-word comments, but we are presented a small sample of what is probably a large library. It would be a good idea to search for two-word comments both ways and resolve the inconsistencies that are found before trying to bracket the comments.

I suspect that the bracket desire is to prevent finding a search term in an artist or title by mistake.