customize columns - id3v1 data only

I would like to add a column that displays ONLY the year in my id3v1 tag.

I have tried:


Please advise,

Check your settings in tools>options>mpeg.
If you tick only the options for V1 then all you read, write and delete is V1.
As not all fields are supported by V1 they will be left empty and any attempt to store data in them will lead to empty fields.

That is not what I want at all.

I want to SEE BOTH at the same time.


That is what I want to see in my columns. Is there a way to do that?


No, fields from different tag versions are mapped to just one field in the hierarchie APE>V2>V1.
I you want to see one tag version explicidly you would have to rule out to read the other tag versions.

Well that isn't good :frowning:

Ok, I will try this then.

Basically I have found that some of my files in a very large collection have the year tagged in id3v1, but NOT in id3v2. The remaining information is correct in id3v2, and seeing as that is my standard, i do not want to simply overwrite them all.

So, what I want to be able to do is run a report on all files that match that criteria.

Can you think of any way to do that?


Had to do a little bit of thinking :wink:

Now: if you read all the tracks with only the V1-options ticked ... then you see what is in the V1-tags. You can then filter those files that actually have a year set in the V1-tags. (NOT %year% IS "").
Now run a "Converter Tag-Filename" with the mask
(this leaves the filename almost alone and adds the year plus two underscores as separator).

Now set all mpeg-options back to process also V2-tags.
Re-read all the files.

Now you can either filter for "%year% IS "" for those that do not have a year.
Or you can filter for those files that have the double underscore in the filename
%_filename% HAS __

And finally you can filter for those where the V2-year does not match that year in the filename:
"$if($strstr(%_filename%,__%year%),0,1)" IS 0

That does look like it would work.

I very much do not want to modify any information / filenames though :frowning:

I'm thinking I may just write my own parser in perl. There are good id3 reader modules that I have used before I started to use mp3tag.

Thanks for the help!


Yes, yo do: you want to get the date from V1 to V2.
The discrete charme of my solution with the filename is:
It keeps the original and adds information that can just as easily be removed again after you have transferred the year.
But if Perl is easier for you ...