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Request: Would you add an item titled "URL" to the list of possible column configurations. Let me explain. I use "Winamp". When I select a file in the Winamp library to view, a window opens, and all the mp3 tag data for the file is displayed. There are a number of categories displayed - such as "Artist", "Album Artist" "Composer", etc. One of the categories is titled "URL", Some files have data entered in the "URL" field. This data includes internet links. I would like to have mp3Tag to be able to display this "URL" tag data, so I can delete the data should I not want to keep it. I have tried to create a customization to display this particular item of tag data, and have so far been unsuccessful in doing so. I think it has something to do with the fact that the "URL" data is displayed as an internet address. Maybe mp3Tag already has the capability to display the "URL" field, but I have not yet figured out how to do it. If mp3Tag can do this, would someone please inform me about how to do it? If not, please add the "URL" category to the list of possible fields in the next version of mp3tag.

Please check the tags in Mp3tag with "View > Extended Tags"
You can see all supported tags there.

The url is probably displayed as WWW
So you can add a column with the value %www%

Hi 'Two Birds'.
Make sure to be on the right forum, here you can ask your questions and contribute your experience about the software application "Mp3tag".

Yes, Mp3tag does support user defined tag-fields, which allow to store any textual content.
If you haven't figured it out yet, then try harder.
Read the help manual, browse this forum, read the FAQ area and the user postings.

If you want a more practical first step, then take one mp3 file, which you have tagged using WinAmp and look what Mp3tag can show you about this mp3 file.
Use the dialog "Extended tags...", which will give you an insight of all tag-fields of the current active tag-type within this file.

Find out what tag-type is used resp. what tag-types are stored within the file, what tag-type is the currently active one, what tag-fields are shown with what content.
Try to add your own tag-field to this file.
Try to add a column to the list view to display your tag-field.
Try to add an edit field to the Mp3tag Tag Panel for your tag-field.